Gobi Partners is one of the first venture capital firms with a regional presence across China, Hong Kong, and ASEAN with over US$1.1 billion in assets under management (AUM). The firm, headquartered in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur, supports entrepreneurs from the early to growth stages and focuses on emerging and underserved markets.

Founded in 2002, Gobi has raised 13 funds to date, invested in over 250 startups, and has grown to ten offices across Bangkok, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo.


Building Bridges Between Northeast and Southeast Asia

At Gobi, we aim to bring the entrepreneurial ecosystems of Northeast Asia (China, Japan, and Korea) and?Southeast Asia closer together. From a regional perspective, Gobi's strategy is to invest in cutting-edge companies producing disruptive technologies and businesses with solutions that improve efficiency.

We utilize our system to "deep-dive" into sectors that will be changing the future. In Southeast Asia, Gobi is well-known for, benchmarking our companies in the region against the lessons we have learned in Northeast Asia. We invest in businesses that address common pain points and apply lessons and metrics on tech innovation as well as investment best practices.

Serving the Underserved

Alongside creating these synergies, Gobi believes that the biggest opportunities are found in the underserved markets. We are about breaking barriers, leveling the playing field, and giving access to all. Additionally, we know that it is those entrepreneurs who are working in these markets that are going to generate the most returns, and once we've identified them, that's a big opportunity. Here are two sectors we've pledged to champion:

Women-founded Startups

“I joined Gobi because it was one of the earliest funds that identified the underserved women market, I’m living proof. We put money where our mouth is and this US$50 Million reiterates Gobi’s commitment to the women entrepreneurs out there.” - Shannon Kalayanamitr, Venture Partner

TaqwaTech: Innovation for the Muslim Economy

“Our job is to see trends. That is what early-stage venture capitalists are — the antennae of society. I believe that the opportunity for TaqwaTech investments is bigger than I can imagine. Technology breaks down borders. With tech, companies are able to serve a larger audience, not necessarily just Muslims,” - Thomas G. Tsao, Chairman and Founding Partner